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Assignment for Reuters

Posted by Alessandro Cinque on March 31, 2022

My latest work for Reuters published today.
Thank you to Marcelo Rochabrun and Cladia Daut.


Global energy crunch stirs hope of oil reboot in Peru's Amazon
NUEVO ANDOAS, Peru, March 31 (Reuters) - Peru's government wants to ramp up oil production in some of its dormant Amazonian fields as global crude prices soar on supply fears linked to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Among the areas prime for a reboot is Block 192, the Andean country's largest - and leakiest - field. Located deep in the Amazon jungle in northern Peru, the block for decades was one of the country's leading oil producers.
It's also the source of extensive ecological damage to the surrounding forest, a big reason pumping ceased two years ago. Oil from hundreds of previous spills still permeates the tropical topsoil, coats native plants, and leaks into streams that flow to the mighty Amazon River.




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