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Posted by Alessandro Cinque on January 20, 2023

I am happy that it is coming out at such a difficult time for Peru and that it sheds light on the situation in the country's Andes. I like to think that this publication can help explain why, these days, people in these areas have decided to protest. Because of the country's neoliberal economic policies, the situation of the indigenous Quechua people has been very difficult for years.

The fanzine is produced thanks to a grant from @insidenatgeo and is not for sale.

The 500 copies printed will be distributed by me, in the Andes of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia that I will visit in 2023 to inform indigenous communities about what is happening with mining.

Trying to create a dialogue instrument for communities experiencing the same situation in different places. The idea of Master @escobart is that the fanzine is divided into two parts.

The external part is made from a thicker cardboard and the idea is that communities can cut out the photos and use them, while the internal part is made from recycled newsprint.

The idea is to bring the newspaper to the remote places where traditional local press does not reach. The texts are by the journalist and Quechua indigenous activist "k'ana runa" @vidal.merma from Espinar. From activist and member of the municipal council of Espinar Ariana Kana. From anthropologist Adela Zhang and campesino leader Claudio Portugal. As well as environmental health expert Fernando Serrano, from Saint Louis University, Missouri.

Thanks @roseleen for editing and to @nataliaalana for post production of the photos.

Thank you @rayaeditorial @escobart and @lopezbrachs for the design and production. Thanks to all @insidenatgeo friends who supported me on this journey @rstrec @sanauphoto @davidylee @galuchis


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