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National Geographic Magazine

Posted by Alessandro Cinque on December 16, 2021

My first publication ever on NatGeo Magazine.
Yesterday was December 15, 2021 and it was a special day, for so many reasons.


It is exactly two years since I flew out of Italy to move permanently to Peru on December 15, 2019 and my first publication ever on NatGeo Magazine.
By a twist of fate, as well as in 2019 I was on the plane coming back from a beautiful assignment and as I arrive home at night the concierge handed me a package with a copy of National Geographic Magazine with my photos inside! For the first time in my live I jumped with joy!


I am really proud, that in two years, from December 15 of 2019 to December 15 2021 so much has changed. And I'm really happy that this year two photos of the 46 chosen by NatGeo are about Peru. This so beautiful and so fragile country that adopted me and makes me feel at home every day.


Thanks to my friend Vidal, for always being there and supporting me in all of our stories!
Thanks to Sarah, for being my mentor and guiding me.


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