Alessandro Cinque

Freelance Photojournalist

Focus on The Story Grant - Winner

Posted by Alessandro Cinque on July 1, 2020

Focus on The Story Grant - Winner

I am honored to be the winner of Focus on The Story Grant.
After 4 years of self-funded my project in Peru, I'm very grateful to them to support my work.

I knew that focusing on the mines in Peru and highlighting the issue of new forms of colonialism in South America would take a long time to develop. Today, after years of believing in this story, I am happy to see that "Focus on The Story" does as well through supporting part of my work. It is important for me to continue to analyze these themes in areas that I have not yet visited to give all of the people who suffer the consequences of mining extraction a voice through my photos. Every day the rights of many innocent indigenous are violated and I still believe that photography can uncover stories that otherwise would remain hidden. I thank the judges for awarding me this grant and for shining a light on those who very often feel like they are in the dark.

Also, I would like to thank Sarah Leen and Elizabeth Krist for the beautiful words they used to motivate their choice and how they described my work.