Alessandro Cinque

Freelance Photojournalist


Protests in Chile started last October 7th when the students entered Santiago Metro without paying the ticket due to the increase of its cost, and they are still going on today.

The cost of an already expensive ticket compared to the average salary of Chilean workers has only be the fuse that ignited a greater demand for social equality by population. They are protesting for social injustice, the lack of resources in education and health system, to reform the economical system, against Piñera Government’s policies and for a more equal new Constitution. People are demonstrating everyday and on Fridays also middle class join them, so the crowd become huge. Protests include different groups of population and the Feminist movement has a great role in them. Women are leading the protests asking for equal opportunities. It looks like urban warfare where the frontline faces the police and the rest of the people support it. Police is using force to repress demonstrations because, as the general of Carabineros Enrique Bassaletti stated, protesters are like a cancer to extirpate. In Santiago protests end at the night in Plaza Italia, renamed Plaza de la Dignidad by people because it become the symbol of the population achievements.

TEXT: Chiara Sgreccia

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